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Sorry- We do not provide services to the public

We are a product development and manufacturing company located in
San Angelo, TX. We specialize in mechanically and electrically engineered products.
We engineer, prototype, manufacture, and distribute in house.
Our state of the art facility uses the most advanced 3-D modeling software. Additive and subtractive manufacturing processes are utilized to create prototypes and short run production parts.
Our manufacturing facility consists of the following:
6- Laser machines
3 - 4 axis CNC mills
CNC router
Various 3-D printers
MIG, TIG, and Arc welders
Powder coating and anodizing capabilities
Metal lathes, drills, iron-workers, hydraulic punches
Too many small machines to list.
We private label for several billion dollar companies.
Our products or services are used by the following companies:

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